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Established and growing RIAs need better compensation management solutions than manually updated spreadsheets. AdvisorBOB is a compensation financial planning software for financial advisors and back-office staff that provides simplified calculations and improved visibility. Want to learn more? Our frequently asked questions may have the answers. Couldn’t find the answer? Request a demo or contact us to learn more.

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Yes, AdvisorBOB utilizes Microsoft Azure for hosting to keep your data secure. Microsoft Azure is one of the leaders in data security. The commercial Microsoft Azure SQL Database environment has been FedRAMP authorized since 06/21/2016.

Yes, AdvisorBOB can calculate fees from any third-party money manager or custodian. AdvisorBOB will also aggregate all your off-platform accounts and assets into one east-to-view tab.


Yes, if authorized. AdvisorBOB can provide delegate access. Users can view other compensation statements and account information if they have delegate access.

Yes, through our adjustment tab, we can track one-off, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual debits and credits.

AdvisorBOB will display an advisor’s fee-based 401(k) compensation within fee details and all other applicable reports.

Yes, AdvisorBOB allows you to have an unlimited number of rep IDs. A single rep ID can also be split an unlimited number of times. However, we recommend no more than 10 advisors on a single rep ID.

Yes, AdvisorBOB allows managers to establish an override on junior advisors and other associates if the appropriate paperwork is filled out.

Yes, you can establish split rep IDs for solicitor agreements.

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AdvisorBOB is the financial planning software for RIAs that will streamline your compensation processes. Hundreds of advisors currently use our software to manage their payouts and fees. Our team is constantly working on adding additional features that make our software a true one-stop shop for back-office staff and advisors alike. To learn more about how AdvisorBOB can support your firm’s growth, request a demo today.

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