AdvisorBOB is continually adding new features to our platform to ensure our solution provides maximum value to our advisor firms. One feature we recently made upgrades to is the Insurance tab.

The insurance tab has an all-new page layout, along with updated fields and configurations that provide additional options for insurance products. The new software update will allow users to store a variety of Annuities, Insurance Policies, and LTC/DI (long-term care) Products.

One of the most important features we added is the capability to split the commission percentage between advisors. Administrators will no longer need to create a specific rep ID for insurance policies. The update allows a percentage of the insurance business to be mapped to a primary rep ID.

AdvisorBOB is committed to building the most feature-rich platform for advisor compensation in the industry, maximizing every opportunity to automate processes for advisors and ensure all operations are streamlined and accurate.