BOBValue from AdvisorBOB allows advisors to access their book of business valuation, right in their AdvisorBOB account upon login. AdvisorBOB provides advisors with an accurate, real-time valuation based on client information and monthly compensation metrics. Now with BOBValue accessing an advisor’s book of business valuation is quick, easy, and accurate.

Why is BOBValue important?

1. Charting a Course: Whether an advisor is dreaming of expansion, considering retirement, or simply curious about their progress, understanding book value provides a clear roadmap. It helps advisors assess their current financial health, set realistic goals, and make informed decisions about the future of their practice.

2. Smooth Succession Planning: As any advisor approaches retirement or a career change, knowing their book value simplifies the process of succession planning. It attracts potential buyers with accurate information, ensures a fair price, and minimizes disruptions for clients.

3. Negotiating Powerhouse: Understanding book value strengthens any negotiating position. Advisors can confidently enter discussions knowing their true worth and have hard data to illustrate the value they bring to clients and potential employers.

4. Strategic Growth: Advisors are constantly striving to grow their practices. Having an understanding of the value of their book helps the firm leadership tailor marketing and service offerings to the right audience. Strategic investments in targeted client segments are much easier to make when advisors understand their strengths.

5. Benchmarking Success: Comparing the book value of a practice to industry benchmarks provides valuable insights. Advisors can assess their performance, identify areas for improvement, and stay competitive in any market.

For the strategic advisor, understanding their book value is not about vanity; it’s about empowering growth and managing their career journey. It’s a valuable tool for navigating tumultuous markets, negotiating transitions, and managing a business over the short and long term. BOBValue from AdvisorBOB provides advisors with the edge they need to build their business and service their clients at the highest possible level.