Choosing Advisor Compensation Software

Finding the right compensation tool as a Registered Investment Advisor is crucial for the success of any financial practice. Advisors and admins must consider the features and capabilities of different tools to ensure that whichever platform is chosen offers scalability and flexibility for future growth. Table stakes for any advisor compensation software must include functionality […]

AdvisorBOB New Feature: System Overview

AdvisorBOB has new features on the way! Be on the lookout for a new System Overview tab accessible to all users in the next few weeks. The System Overview will allow AdvisorBOB’s staff to create documentation to keep administrators and users up to date on the latest news and functionalities of the system. To access the System Overview tab, navigate […]

AdvisorBOB Spotlights: Rep IDs

Did you know AdvisorBOB’s Rep IDs tab allows firm administrators versatility when creating new rep ids? AdvisorBOB provides multiple split models, this allows split reps ids to be as dynamic as possible. To create a new Rep ID, navigate to AdvisorBOB > Login > Rep IDs > + Rep IDs.